Ultra-Reliable MPC57xx 32-bit Automotive & Industrial Microcontrollers (MCUs)

Our MPC57xx family of 32-bit MCUs built on Power Architecture® Technology, is designed for automotive and industrial powertrain, engine management, motor control, body control, gateway, chassis and safety, instrument cluster and display management applications. The MPC57xx, MPC56xx and MPC55xx families offer significant benefits to automotive and industrial designers, such as:

  • Software and hardware compatibility within MPC57xx from low-to high-end.
  • Embedded flash experience implemented in a high-density, floating-gate technology.
  • Performance scalability from single to multicore products ranging from 32 MHz to over 300 MHz.
  • Designed according to SafeAssure Program to simplify functional safety compliance to standards such as ISO 26262 for ASIL-D safety integrity.
  • On-chip redundancy and safety options such as delayed lockstep cores, DMA controller, memory protection unit, fault collection and control unit and end to end ECC.
  • Unmatched efficiency-parallel processing in conjunction with sophisticated peripheral sets leverages Power Architecture® tools and software ecosystem.
  • Ultra-Reliable MCUs ideal for challenging environments found in industrial, infrastructure, automation, communications, transportation and medical applications. It offers best-in-class quality, reliability and safety for applications that need to perform in the harshest environments.

MPC57xx Products

Product Description Automotive
MPC577xK32-bit MCU for ADAS Applications - PREPRODUCTION
MPC574xB-C-GUltra-Reliable MCUs for Automotive & Industrial Control and Gateway
MPC5746RAutomotive & Industrial Engine Management MCU
MPC574xPUltra-Reliable MPC574xP MCU for Automotive & Industrial Safety Applications
MPC5777CUltra-Reliable MPC5777C MCU for Automotive & Industrial Engine Management
MPC5777MUltra-Reliable MPC5777M MCU for Automotive & Industrial Engine Management

What's New


S32 Design Studio IDE

A complimentary development tool enables editing, compiling and debugging of your automotive and industrial designs is available now.