CoolFlux DSP is an audio DSP core developed with years of experience in Ultra Low Power Design at NXP's ultra low power design group in Leuven. Recently NXP completed a new core in the CoolFlux DSP family optimized for Baseband Signal Processing such as for Software Defined Radio: the CoolFlux BSP.

The CoolFlux DSP line is embedded in chips for many Smartphones, Hearing Instruments, Headphones and Headsets, MP3 players, Mobile Multimedia, Blue Ray players, Wireless Audio, Car, Digital TV … any embedded audio subsystem is candidate

The CoolFlux BSP line is embedded in chips for WiMAX and multi-standard software defined radio basebands chips for 3/4G standards including LTE, wireline communication such as Power Line Communications. It was also demonstrated for intelligent sensor processing and DAB reception.


  • Domain:
    • CoolFlux DSP16: Voice, Control, Sensing
    • CoolFlux DSP: Audio
    • CoolFlux BSP Software Defined Radio and Wireline Basebands, Audio, Sensing
    • CoolFlux BSP32 Software Defined Radio and Wireline Basebands, Audio, Sensing
  • Ultra low power consumption
    • Well balanced with good performance and low gate count
    • ULP techniques used throughout the design
  • Programmable in ANSI-C
    • Highly optimizing and efficient compiler
    • More maintainable and shorter SW development schedules, without loss of quality
  • Small core, small memory footprints
  • Core to be usable:
    • Stand-alone mode (including control)
    • Coprocessor for microcontroller
    • Multi-core


The CoolFlux processor overview: a broad selection from 16 over 24 to 32 bits size:


The CoolFlux DSP is available on FPGA board for testing and analyzing. Or you can evaluate the CoolFlux using the software toolkit.

Ultra low power consumption
Highly optimizing C-compiler software toolkit
Minimal core size (43k gates), excluding debug interface (6k gates)
Small memory footprint
Efficient speed trade-offs
Extensive software library for audio decoding and advanced sound enhancement algorithms

Application Software

Implementing state of the art audio codecs on a DSP requires intimate knowledge of the algorithm and the processor architecture, both of which NXP has in abundance. In order to shorten time to market, reduce your risk and reduce development costs NXP offers the following algorithms running on the CoolFlux DSP. By licensing these ready to use software libraries you benefit from the substantial know how of NXP in the multimedia applications area.

Note that other applications can be developed under a service engagement.

Software Development Toolkit

The programming tools for CoolFlux DSP family, developed in close cooperation with Synopsys, guarantee a highly efficient usage of the parallelism of the core. Included in the programmer's suite are: a C-compiler, an assembler, an instruction set simulator, a linker and an interactive debugging environment (IDE).

For bit- and/or cycle true simulation an instruction set simulator (ISS) is available as well as a C/C++ simulation model, which can run on any host platform. The software development tool kit for the CoolFlux DSP cores family is provided and supported via NXP.

The Software toolkit is available for Windows and Linux operating systems. A 30 days evaluation license is available for free, please contact us.