TEF82XX Customer Application Board + S32R294 Radar Application Development Board


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Block Diagram

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TEF82-R294-KIT System

TEF82-R294-KIT System Block Diagram

TEF82-R294-KIT Customer Application Board

TEF82-R294-KIT CAB Block Diagram

S32R294-RADB Radar Application Development Board

S32R294-RADB Block Diagram

Supported Devices


Radar Transceivers and SoCs

Processors and Microcontrollers

S32R Radar Processing



  • MCU S32R294 Processor
  • 12 V power supply input with NXP FS8530 and PF5020 PMIC providing all of the necessary processor board and front-end board voltages
  • Boot mode selection via switches on board
  • Flexible MCU clocking options allow provision of an external clock via MIPI-CSI2 connector (J12 and J10) or 40 MHz RADB clock oscillator circuit
  • Maximum support up to 2*MIPI-CSI2 interfaces

Front-End Board

  • Dual TEF82xx CAB RF front-end board through different MIPI-CSI2/SPI joint connectors. Free choice of the two different front ends through a jumper configuration
  • RF RX/TX channels wired to 6Tx x 8Rx antenna array
  • Optimized for 78 GHz operation


  • Gb Ethernet Physical interface IC, with M12 connector
  • Support CAN-FD interfaces with M12 connector
  • UART to Micro USB interface
  • 34-pin Nexus Aurora connector which support JTAG debug


  • 256 Mb (32MB) serial NOR flash memory
  • 64 Kb EEPROM connected to MCU via I2C


  • On-board temperature sensor connected to MCU via I2C
  • Power status LEDs
  • User reset switch with reset status LED
  • Support to form a combination kit with the front end plate through metal or acrylic connectors

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  • TEF82-R294-KIT

  • TEF82XX Customer Application Board + S32R294 Radar Application Development Board.


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2 software files

  • Application Example Software

    S32R294 Radar Application Demo v1.1.0

  • Software Development Resources

    TEF82xx software download - NXP evaluation kit enablement

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