Fully Integrated 77 GHz RFCMOS Automotive Radar Transceiver

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TEF82xx Block Diagram

TEF82xx Block Diagram

TEF82xx Application Block Diagram

TEF82xx Application Block Diagram


Highly Integrated Transceiver

  • Integrates up to 3 transmit and 4 receive channels
  • Integrates VCO, PLL and ADCs
  • BPSK and QPSK supported
  • 6-bit phase rotator
  • MIMO Radar operation supported
  • Supports FMCW Radar applications
  • Optimized for Fast Chirp Modulation

Wide Frequency Range

  • Operates in 76 GHz to 81 GHz band

Wide Bandwidth

  • Flexible chirp bandwidth up to 5 GHz
  • Effective bandwidth up to 4 GHz

High Performance

  • Enhanced RF performance with power output of 13.5 dBm
  • Low Noise figure: 11.5 dB
  • Low phase noise: -95 dBc/Hz at 1 MHz

Very Low Power

  • 1.5 W power dissipation for a 2Tx channel 50% duty cycle operation

Scalable Applications

  • Supports short to long range applications
  • Cascaded imaging radar supported

Small Package

  • e-WLB exposed die package for excellent thermal performance
  • Very small footprint of 7.5 mm x 7.5 mm

Flexible Host Interfaces

  • CSI-2-DPHY and LVDS MCU interface for data transfer
  • Full-duplex SPI for control and monitoring

ASIL B Functional Safety

  • Developed in accordance with ISO26262 SEoOC methodology. Supporting ASIL B applications
  • Built-in functional safety monitoring circuit

Automotive Quality

  • AEC-Q100

Wide Automotive Temperature Range

  • -40 to 135°C junction temperature

Clock Sharing

  • 40 MHz crystal usage
  • Able to share clock with radar MCU

Product Longevity Program

Software Enablement


SafeAssure Functional Safety Program

When it comes to functional safety, NXP stands for quality and reliability. Our SafeAssure program simplifies system-level safety requirements in accordance with ISO 26262.
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