Fully Integrated 77 GHz RFCMOS Automotive Radar Transceiver

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Highly Integrated Transceiver

  • Integrates up to 3 transmit and 4 receive channels
  • Integrates VCO, PLL and ADCs
  • BPSK and QPSK supported
  • 6-bit phase rotator
  • MIMO Radar operation supported
  • Supports FMCW Radar applications
  • Optimized for Fast Chirp Modulation

Wide Frequency Range

  • Operates in 76 GHz to 81 GHz band

Wide Bandwidth

  • Flexible chirp bandwidth up to 5 GHz
  • Effective bandwidth up to 4 GHz

High Performance

  • Enhanced RF performance with power output of 13.5 dBm
  • Low Noise figure: 11.5 dB
  • Low phase noise: -95 dBc/Hz at 1 MHz

Very Low Power

  • 1.5 W power dissipation for a 2Tx channel 50% duty cycle operation

Scalable Applications

  • Supports short to long range applications
  • Cascaded imaging radar supported

Small Package

  • e-WLB exposed die package for excellent thermal performance
  • Very small footprint of 7.5 mm x 7.5 mm

Flexible Host Interfaces

  • CSI-2-DPHY and LVDS MCU interface for data transfer
  • Full-duplex SPI for control and monitoring

ASIL B Functional Safety

  • Developed in accordance with ISO26262 SEoOC methodology. Supporting ASIL B applications
  • Built-in functional safety monitoring circuit

Automotive Quality

  • AEC-Q100

Wide Automotive Temperature Range

  • -40 to 135°C junction temperature

Clock Sharing

  • 40 MHz crystal usage
  • Able to share clock with radar MCU

Product Longevity Program

Part numbers include: TEF8221EN1, TEF8222EN1, TEF8231EN1, TEF8232EN1.

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