HITAG S Transponder IC

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  • Integrated Circuit for Contactless Identification Transponders and Cards
  • Integrated resonance capacitor of 210 pF with ±5 % tolerance over full production
  • Frequency range 100 kHz to 150 kHz.


  • Modulation Read/Write Device  → Transponder: 100 % ASK and Binary Pulse Length Coding
  • Modulation Transponder → Read/Write Device: Strong ASK modulation with Anticollision, Manchester and Bi-phase Coding
  • Fast Anticollision Protocol for inventory tracking: 100 Tags in 3.2 seconds
  • Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)
  • Optional Transponder Talks First Modes with user defined data length
  • Temporary switch from Transponder Talks First into Reader Talks First Mode
  • Data Rate Read/Write Device to Transponder: 5.2 kBit/s
  • Data Rates Transponder to Read/Write Device: 2 kBit/s, 4 kBit/s, 8 kBit/s


  • Two memory options (256 bit, 2048 bit)
  • Up to 100000 erase/write cycles
  • 10 years non-volatile data retention
  • Secure Memory Lock functionality

Supported standards

  • Full compliant to ISO 11784/85 Animal ID
  • Targeted to operated on hardware infrastructure of new upcoming standards

    ISO 14223 (Animal ID with anticollision and read/write functionality)

    ISO 18000-2 (AIDC Techniques-RFID or Item Management)

  • Supports German Waste Management Standard and Pigeon Race Standard

Security featuresl

  • 32 bit Unique Identification Number (UID)
  • 48 bit secret key based encrypted authentication

Delivery types

  • Sawn, gold - bumped 8” Wafer
  • Sawn, gold - megabumped 8” Wafer
  • Contactless Chip Card Module MOA2
  • HVSON2

Target Applications

  • Animal Identification
  • Laundry Automation
  • Beer keg and gas cylinder logistic
  • Pigeon Race Sports
  • Brand Protection Applications

Part numbers include: HTSH4801ETK, HTSH5601ETK, HTSICC4801EW, HTSICC5601EW, HTSICH4801EW, HTSICH5601EW, HTSMOH4802EV, HTSMOH5602EV.


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