NTAG® 223 / 224 DNA StatusDetect - Certified NFC Security and Sensing Solutions to Enable Trusted IoT Applications at Scale


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NFC Interface

  • NFC Forum Type 2 Tag and ISO/IEC 14443-A compliant
  • Common Criteria AEL3+ (AVA_VAN.2) certified
  • 7-byte UID
  • 50pF input capacitance
  • Communication baud rate at 106kbpws


  • User memory of 144 (NTAG 223 DNA) or 208 bytes (NTAG 224 DNA)
  • 10 year data retention
  • 100 k write cycles


  • Customizable Originality Signature (48-byte based on ECC)
  • Secure Unique NFC (SUN) message authentication code protected with AES-128
  • Memory protected with 32-bit password (NTAG 223 DNA) or with mutual authentication with AES-128 bit key (NTAG 224 DNA)
  • Common Criteria EAL3+ (AVA_VAN.2) certification

Status Detection

  • Conductive or capacitive tamper status detection
  • Capacitive sensing interface to measure environmental conditions
  • Measurement range is up to 11pF with a resolution of up to 64 steps

Common Criteria EAL3+ Certification

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Common Criteria EAL3+ certification for Hardware & Software.

Certified EdgeLock Assurance

Certified EdgeLock Assurance

Certified EdgeLock Assurance is the mark of security by design. An independent lab has certified the security of this product, which is designed to comply with industry standards.
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