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NTAG is the market leading portfolio of NFC tag and label IC solutions for the consumer and industrial segments of the IoT. These highly powerful NFC tags offer different levels of security and functionality, to address a broad range of applications and customer requirements. Companies can now introduce smart, digitally connected products to drive new value throughout their lifecycle. Thanks to the extensive NTAG feature set, they can also enable new user experiences by engaging more dynamically and with a higher level of personalization.

The passively powered NFC tag and label IC solutions consist of the NTAG 21x, the NTAG 213 TagTamper, and the cryptographically secure NTAG DNA line-up. NTAG products are fully NFC Forum-compliant, covering tag types 2 and 4. NTAG ICs can store NDEF (NFC data exchange format) data, making them fully compatible with any NFC device.