UCODE 9xm: Accelerating Industrial Tagging with Configurable Memory and High Performance

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  • Read sensitivity -24 dBm
  • Write sensitivity -22 dBm
  • Up to 496 bits EPC memory
  • Up to 752 bits user memory
  • Self-adjust
  • Memory safeguard

Comparison Table

Feature UCODE 9xm UCODE 7xm
Performance Read sensitivity -24 dBm -19 dBm
Write sensitivity -22 dBm -12 dBm
Self-adjust Yes -
Memory Memory 3 Customer Configurable Memory
1. EPC: 128b, User: 752b
2. EPC: 256b, User: 624b
3. EPC: 496b, User: 384b
EPC: 448 bits, User: 2048 bits
TID memory 96-bit 96-bit
Access password 32-bit 32-bit
Kill password 32-bit 32-bit
Endurance/data retention 100 k cycles / 20 years 100 k cycles / 20 years
Memory safeguard Yes
Block write (32-bit) Yes Yes
BlockPermalock Yes Yes


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