Low-Power Single Card Reader


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Block Diagram

Block diagram: TDA8029HL


  • 80C51 core with 16 kB ROM, 256-byte RAM and 512-byte XRAM
  • Specific ISO7816 UART, accessible with MOVX instructions for automatic convention processing, variable baud rate, error management at character level for T = 0 and T = 1 protocols, extra guard time, etc.
  • Specific versatile 24-bit Elementary Time Unit (ETU) counter for timing processing during Answer To Reset (ATR) and for T = 1 protocol
  • VCC generation with controlled rise and fall times
  • Card clock generation up to 20 MHz with three times synchronous frequency doubling (fXTAL, 1⁄2fXTAL, 1⁄4fXTAL and 1⁄8fXTAL)
  • Card clock stop HIGH or LOW or 1.25 MHz from an integrated oscillator for card power reduction modes
  • Automatic activation and deactivation sequences through an independent sequencer
  • Supports asynchronous protocols T = 0 and T = 1 in accordance with:
    • ISO 7816 and EMVCo4.3 (TDA8029HL/C2).
    • for EMVCo4.3c support it is recommended to use PN7412AU as TDA8029 is not anymore compliant.
  • 1 to 8 characters FIFO in reception mode
  • Parity error counter in reception mode and in transmission mode with automatic retransmission
  • Versatile 24-bit time-out counter for ATR and waiting times processing
  • Specific ETU counter for Block Guard Time (BGT) (22 ETU in T = 1 and 16 ETU in T = 0)
  • Minimum delay between two characters in reception mode:
    • In protocol T = 0:

      11.8 ETU (TDA8029HL/C2)

    • In protocol T = 1:

      10.8 ETU (TDA8029HL/C2)

  • Supports synchronous cards which do not use C4/C8
  • Current limitations on card contacts
  • Supply supervisor for power-on/off reset and spikes killing
  • DC-to-DC converter (supply voltage from 2.7 to 6 V), doubler, tripler or follower according to VCC and VDD
  • Shut-down input for very low power consumption
  • Enhanced ESD protection on card contacts (6 kV minimum)
  • Software library for easy integration
  • Communication with the host through a standard full duplex serial link at programmable baud rates
  • One external interrupt input and four general purposes I/Os
  • Portable card readers
  • General purpose card readers
  • EMV compliant card readers

Part numbers include: TDA8029HL.


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