FXTH87 Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Family

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Block Diagram

FXTH87xxxx6T1 TPMS

FXTH87xxxx6T1 TPMS Block Diagram


  • QFN 7 x 7 x 2.2 mm package enables visible solder joint for inspection
  • 100–450 kPa and 100–900 kPa pressure ranges
  • Z-axis or dual XZ-axis accelerometers
  • Accelerometer standard or precision tolerances available
  • Low-power wake-up timer and periodic reset is driven by LFO
  • Dedicated state machines for reduced power consumption
  • 8-bit MCU/S08 core with SIM, interrupt and debug/monitor
  • 512 Bytes RAM / 16 k Flash (8 k for NXP® library, 8 k for applications)
  • Internal 315/434 MHz RF transmitter
  • Internal 125 kHz LF receiver
  • Six multipurpose GPIO pins (including two A/D inputs)

Part numbers include: FXTH8705026, FXTH870502D, FXTH8705116, FXTH870511D, FXTH8709026, FXTH870902D, FXTH8709116, FXTH870911D, FXTH870912D, FXTH8709226.


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