Wi-Fi® 6 Solutions

Delivering a complete portfolio of fully compliant 802.11ax solutions

The most complete implementation of Wi-Fi 6 solutions

We offer the industry’s most complete Wi-Fi 6 portfolio. Optimized for enterprise and retail access points, carrier gateways, and set-top boxes, it’s the first Wi-Fi solution that provides full MU-MIMO and OFDMA uplink and downlink based on the latest IEEE 802.11ax standards. This will enable the next generation of high-end users, “Generation Upload,” with real-time cloud-based requirements.

  • Scalable portfolios for optimal design reuse
    Multi-Gig Peak Speed
  • Devices that operate 24x7 in harsh environments
    Best-in-Class Coverage
  • Longevity programs for product life cycles beyond 10 to 15 years
    Enterprise Level Reliability