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Radar Microcontroller
S32R27: S32R Radar Microcontroller - S32R27 Automotive & Industrial Radar Applications 2 x e200z7 32-bit CPU and 2 x e200z4 32-bit in lockstep, Radar signal processing SPT 2.0, CSE2 Security, FlexCAN, FlexRay & Ethernet
MPC577xK: Ultra-Reliable MPC577xK MCU for Automotive ADAS & Industrial Radar Applications 32-bit MCUs provide unmatched levels of digital and analog integration and performance on a single chip for next-generation radar-based systems.
Radar Transceiver
MR3003 High-Performance 77 GHz Radar Transceiver Fully-integrated BiCMOS Radar Transceiver for 76-81GHz Radar Applications
TEF810X Fully-Integrated 77 GHz Radar Transceiver Highly Integrated CMOS Single-Chip for Postage Stamp Sized Radar Sensors
MR2001 Multi-channel 77 GHz Radar Transceiver Chipset Scalable to multi-channel with simultaneous active channels to enable electronic beam steering across a wide field-of-view
CAN Interface
MC33905: SBC Gen2 with High-Speed CAN and LIN System Basis Chip, LIN, 2x 5.0 V/400mA LDOs, 3/4 wakeup, SOIC 32, Reel
CAN Transceiver
TJA1145: High-speed CAN transceiver for partial networking high-speed CAN transceiver, data rates up to 2 Mbit/s in the CAN FD
FlexRay Transceiver
FlexRay Transceivers FlexRay transceiver, data transfer up to 10 Mbit/s