NXP is on a journey to advance a better world and bring forward a brighter, better future through innovation. As a global technology company, we have a special role to play by pioneering solutions that help shape a more sustainable future.

From automotive to industrial, smart home to smart city, mobile to communications infrastructure, we develop innovative solutions that address major global needs. Below are just a few examples of smarter and more sustainable solutions that NXP announced in 2023.

2023 Solutions

Automotive - NXP's MC33775 Battery Cell Controller and FS26 System Basis Chip get more from EV batteries, with the MC33775 enabling smaller batteries with the same range and the FS26 saving energy with ultra-low power modes.

Smart City - NFC, UCODE and JCOP® ID 2 find new strengths in sustainability, with our NFC chips tracking product history and performance in the circular economy, UCODE ICs providing real-time data on food product freshness and location, and JCOP ID 2 advancing document security, enabling longer lifespans of identity documents.

Industrial Solutions - We announced a major MOU and agtech partnership using i.MX 8M Plus and the launch of MCX N series MCUs and i.MX 91 applications processors, which combine platform longevity with low power consumption. NXP’s AI/ML solutions help predictive maintenance preserve resources in every industrial sector, while an MOU with Honeywell aims to optimize and secure energy use in commercial buildings. A partnership with Aigen and Au-Zone Technologies uses i.MX 8M Plus to help reduce pesticide use. Our new MCX N Series balances performance and power, with 42x faster ML on our eIQ® Neutron NPU, reducing power consumption, while the i.MX 91 applications processor family is set to meet the energy-efficient needs of new Linux®-based IoT and industrial applications.

In addition to our breakthrough technologies, NXP’s commitment to sustainability is further underscored by our ongoing efforts to achieve carbon neutrality in our operations by 2035. In 2023, we continued to increase our use of renewable electricity and invested in technology to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. We also remain focused on our water usage and continue to improve on our water recycling level.

We remain committed to making measurable year-on-year progress in many other areas as well. Here are just a few examples:

2023 Highlights

Board Refreshment and Evolution

Julie Southern was appointed Chair of NXP’s Board of Directors, and is a member of the Board’s Nominating, Governance and Sustainability Committee.

Sustainable Portfolio

In 2023, we developed an initial framework that allows us to quantify how our products enable a more sustainable world through innovation. We calculated the manufacturing carbon footprint of our products and have a better understanding of how they contribute to sustainability in use. This baseline guides our strategic portfolio choices and investments related to sustainability so we can focus on areas where NXP can truly make a difference.

Carbon Emissions

In 2023, we ramped up our efforts to reduce our carbon emissions, both through investing in technology to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and by increasing the utilization of renewable electricity.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

In 2023, 88% of our managers completed unconscious bias training, creating more awareness about unconscious bias and enabling an inclusive environment. In progressing toward our aspirational 2025 representation goals, we increased the percentage of women in R&D roles to 20% – an increase of one percentage point over the prior year – and sustained the representation results from the prior year of women in our indirect labor (IDL) and executive populations.

Ethics and Compliance

In 2023, we published a standalone Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy. Ethics and compliance topics were also included in the fourth cycle of our Winning Culture Survey. We had a favorability rating of 95% for a question related to NXP’s commitment on ethical business practices, which was the highest scoring question on the survey.

Human Rights

Our focus on human rights extends beyond our sites to include the people who work in our supply chain. In 2023, we refreshed and updated our human rights management system to further reflect the objectives set in our Human Rights Policy and provide clear guidance on conducting human-rights due diligence across our value chain.

Health and Safety

Providing our team members with a safe and healthy work environment remains a top priority at NXP. In 2023, we established a global team to standardize ergonomics initiatives and reduce ergonomic injuries across the company, in addition to creating a team responsible for promoting a cohesive safety-awareness campaign. Furthermore, we created a team responsible for promoting a cohesive safety-awareness campaign.

Looking Ahead

NXP is committed to our ESG journey and dedicated to driving further advancements. We will continue to review our sustainability activities regularly to ensure that we are taking the appropriate actions to achieve our ambitious, long-term goals, which will require the ongoing dedication of all our team members, partners, customers and other stakeholders.

The future is not set in stone, and everyone has a role to play in shaping it. We are on this journey together, and although the road ahead may be challenging at times, the journey will be worth it if we can contribute to making a better, more sustainable world for generations to come.

Kurt Sievers

President and CEO, NXP Semiconductors