NXP’s Social Responsibility program builds on the recognition that everything we do must reflect the highest possible standards of ethical business conduct and the respect for human rights.

NXP Social Responsibility Goals

Human rights and health and safety are key pillars in our Sustainability Policy and a prominent part of our strategy and goal setting.

Goals 2021 Results
No priority or major nonconformances from internal/customer audits We completed two RBA Validated Assessment Program (VAP) audits at our Tianjin, China, and Kaohsiung, Taiwan manufacturing sites. Both locations did not receive any priority violations nor major nonconformances.
Internal NXP audit scores >95% We conducted RBA VAP audits for two of our manufacturing sites. Our >95% goal is based on NXP's audit scoring criteria. Since the RBS VAP audit scoring methodology is different than NXP's methodology, we are currently mapping the two for a thorough representation of results.
Self-assessment score >90% All NXP sites achieved self-assessment scores above >90%.
<60-hour work week and one rest day per six days worked At one site, the 60-hour working limit was exceeded for approximately 180 team members, representing 6% of the site's direct-labor workforce for a period of 14 weeks. This was due to the regional labor shortage, challenges in hiring foreign-migrant workers, and border closures. Additionally, team members continued to receive one rest day per six days worked.

Capacity Building

Our detailed capacity-building program is to make sure our factories can recognize and intervene in the early stages, if potential negative social impacts may arise.

Stakeholders Scope
Executive Management Team Requirements and expectations
Manufacturing Management Team Requirements of facilitating the implementation of the standards
Site Social Responsibility Team In-depth specifics to implement the program at the facility
Manufacturing Subject Matter Experts Intensive labor and ethics RBA lead auditor training

NXP in Action

  • UN Forum on Business and Human Rights

    For the fourth consecutive year, NXP was a featured panelist at the Annual UN Forum on Business and Human Rights. We shared our insights and best practices with the group and, in a special session on lessons learned from the pandemic, we discussed how we handled foreign migrant workers, the most vulnerable in the company’s workforce, who were unable to return home due to travel restrictions.

  • Supporting Foreign Migrant Workers

    In 2021, NXP hired 16 Nepalese workers, from a different industry, in which they had to pay recruitment fees. NXP repaid their previous employer's recruitment fees.

  • The Fight Against Modern Slavery

    Impacting the lives of foreign migrant workers through our policies, standards and recruiting practices.