Each year we report publicly on our supplier’s annual top audit nonconformances and each month we report KPIs to the Sustainability Office on topics such as violations and nonconformances from our supplier audits, signed conformance letters, closure rate for corrective action plans and quarter-on-quarter risk indicators within our supply chain. NXP monitors improvement by measuring the number of priority violations, repeat audits, frequency of nonconformances and the nonconformance closure rate.

Reports are reviewed frequently with the Ethics Committee and raised to the ESG Management Board in case of significant findings. Monthly and sometimes weekly meetings are held with procurement managers to discuss the results of a supplier audit, the corrective action plan and the supplier's progress toward closing out their nonconformances.


Training focuses on our suppliers and their onsite service providers. The mode of training can be a one-to-one consultation training, a two-hour classroom training or a webinar session conducted by the NXP Social Responsibility Team with support from the site's subject-matter experts. The training is the full requirement of the NXP Supplier Code of Conduct. Supplier training is done:

  • Before a supplier’s upcoming NXP Social Responsibility Audit
  • During the closure timeline of the supplier’s corrective action plan
  • When a supplier requests training

Coaching the supplier on best practices and providing RBA’s e-learning academy are also part of our supplier trainings.