NXP® Freedom Development Board for Kinetis® K27 and K28 MCUs


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Supported Devices

Processors and Microcontrollers

K2x / KS2x USB



  • Kinetis MK28FN2M0VMI15 MCU
    • Arm Cortex-M4 at 150 MHz
    • 1 MB SRAM
    • 2 MB flash
    • HS and FS USB
    • 169 MAPBGA package
  • Kinetis K20 MCU (K20DX128VFM5) based OpenSDA circuit.


  • One 256 Mbit (32 MB) onboard QuadSPI memory at 1.8 V.
  • One 128 Mbit (16 MB) onboard mobile SDRAM memory at 3.3 V.


  • Dual-role high-speed and full-speed USB interface with the micro-B USB connector via the high-speed switch.
  • FlexIO socket, which enables you to connect an optional TFT Proto 5” CAPACITIVE from MikroElektronika (5” display board with capacitive touch).
  • Easy access to the MCU input/output through Arduino® Rev3 compatible I/O connectors to connect external add-on boards.

Power Management

  • Multiple independent voltage domains: VDD_CORE, VDD, VBAT, and VDDIO_E.
  • Flexible power supply option—OpenSDA v2.2 USB, Kinetis K28 USB, or an external source.


  • Mass-Storage Device (MSD) flash programming interface. CMSIS-DAP debug interface over a driverless USB HID connection providing run-control debugging and compatibility with the IDE tools. Virtual serial port interface Open source CMSIS-DAP software project
  • Two mechanical push-buttons for user input and one for the reset.

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  • FRDM-K28F

  • Freedom Development Board for Kinetis K27 and K28 MCUs.

  • $74.41 USD
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  • Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics

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  • Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics

    FRDM-K28F Schematics


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