TJA1046TK (Active)

Dual high-speed CAN transceiver with Standby mode

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  • plastic, thermal enhanced very thin small outline package; no leads; 14 terminals, 0.65 mm pitch, 4.5 mm x 3 mm x 0.85 mm body

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  • REEL-Reel 13" Q1/T1 in Sulfur Barrier Bag
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Operating Characteristics

Parameter Value
MCU I/O Interface (V)
Low Power Modes
Product Category
Supply Voltage [Min to Max (V)]
Data Rate [min kbps]
Voltage on bus pins [Min-Max (V)]
VESD IEC on bus pins (+/- kV)
Junction Temperature (Max) (℃)
Wake-Up Pin
Min High Input Levels (V) [Vio]
Supported standards
Thermal Resistance (Spec) (℃/W)
Product Application Description

Quality Information

Material Declaration Safe Assure Functional Safety Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) Peak Package Body Temperature (PPT) (C°)
Lead Soldering Lead Free Soldering Lead Soldering Lead Free Soldering