Wireless Power

Safe and secure Qi-compatible wireless power solutions

The NXP wireless power portfolio enables completely cordless experiences for consumer, industrial, and automotive markets without compromising high performance and reliability. Our cost-effective 5 and 15 W transmitter and receiver controller ICs support the Qi industry standard for wireless charging and come to you with a superior enablement environment of software, evaluation boards, and reference designs.

Standard Key Features
Products Type Power
Coils Memory Application Packages
MWCT1xxx MWCT1x1x Transmitter 15 W Single/Multi 64 KB Consumer 32QFN, 64LQFP
MWCT1x0x Transmitter 5 W Single/Multi 32 KB, 64 KB Consumer 32QFN, 64LQFP
MWCT1xxxA MWCT1x1xA Transmitter 15 W Multi 64 KB, 288 KB Auto/Industry 64LQFP
MWCT1x0xA Transmitter 5 W Multi 64 KB, 256 KB Auto/Industry 64LQFP
NXQ1Txx5 NXQ1TXH5 Transmitter - - - - -
MWPR1516 MWPR1516 Receiver 15 W Single 16 KB - 32QFN-EP,
NXxA4WP NX1A4WP Receiver - - - - -

In-Vehicle Wireless Charging Solutions

For single- and multi-coil support in the harshest automotive environments.

Consumer and Industrial Wireless Charging Solutions

Receivers and transmitters for single- and multi-coil configurations, consumer applications and lowest bill of materials.

What's New


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NXP Unveils High-power Wireless Charging Solution for Notebooks & 2-in-1 Tablets.


NXP and Magic Link Brew Convenient Smartphone Charging in Pacific Coffee Houses in China

NXP and Magic Link Brew Convenient Smartphone Charging in Pacific Coffee Houses in China.