S32K General-Purpose Microcontrollers

Scalable, low-power Arm® Cortex®-M series-based microcontrollers AEC-Q100 qualified with advanced safety and security and software support for industrial and automotive ASIL B/D applications in body, zone control, and electrification.

S32K Microcontrollers Family

Lockstep Triple Dual Single Core ASIL D ASIL B Functional Safety K11x K14x K31x K32x K34x K33 K35 256K B 512K B 1M B 2M B 4M B 8M B S32K 1 S32K 1 M4F M0+ M7 S32K 3 S32K 3 AES-128/192/256, RSA, ECC 1 2 8K B AES-128

Hardware Development Tools

  • S32K116EVB
  • S32K118EVB
  • S32K142EVB
  • S32K144EVB
  • S32K14WEVB
  • S32K146EVB
  • S32K148EVB
  • MCSPTE1AK116
  • MCSXTE2BK142
  • MCSPTE1AK144
  • MCSPTE1AK344
  • UCANS32K146
  • S32K148-T-BOX

Partner Ecosystem

Design Resources

Check out this on-demand session and hear about the S32K1/S32K3 family of microcontrollers for general purpose applications.

Learn how the EB tresos product line can reduce the cost and development time of AUTOSAR projects.

Gain an understanding of the current standards for functional safety, cybersecurity and AUTOSAR, and their implications for ECU design by learning how to use the S32K3 MCU.

Introduction to S32K3 security solution and how to design S32K3 for software over-the-air updates.

Introduction to S32K3 safety collaterals and how to support customer development of an ISO26262 compliant safety system.

Technical deep dive and demonstration of key product features and benefits of the S32K3xx microcontrollers.