A3G26H501W17S 2496-2690 MHz, 56 W Avg., 48 V Airfast® RF Power GaN Transistor


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  • High terminal impedances for optimal broadband performance
  • Advanced high performance in-package Doherty
  • Improved linearized error vector magnitude with next generation signal
  • Able to withstand extremely high output VSWR and broadband operating conditions
  • RoHS compliant

RF Performance Table

2600 MHz

Typical Doherty Single-Carrier W-CDMA Characterization Performance: VDD = 48 Vdc, IDQA = 350 mA, VGSB = –5.0 Vdc, Pout = 56 W Avg., Input Signal PAR = 9.9 dB @ 0.01% Probability on CCDF. (1)
Frequency Gps
(dBm) (2)
2496 MHz14.046.356.6–35.4
2590 MHz14.545.157.1–36.6
2690 MHz14.447.456.0–33.2
1. All data measured in fixture with device soldered to heatsink.
2. Data measured at pulsed CW, 10 µsec(on), 10% duty cycle.


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    A3G26H501W17S Carrier S-Parameters

  • Models

    A3G26H501W17S Peaking Class AB S-Parameters

  • Models

    A3G26H501W17S Peaking Class C S-Parameters

  • Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics

    A3G26H501W17S 2600 MHz PCB DXF file


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