NTAG SmartSensor

Our NTAG SmartSensor portfolio offers single-chip solutions that combine NFC connectivity with autonomous sensing, data processing, and logging. It is easy to combine with radio, sensor, or secure element solutions. NTAG SmartSensor devices are ideal for Secure Internet of Things (IoT) products.


The applications with the NTAG SmartSensor are numerous. It goes from asset monitoring tags (temperature, shocks, tilting) over therapy monitoring (smart blisters, injection pen, dose monitoring), personal health (wound care smart plasters) to smart packages (monitoring the opening of vials, level of fluids).

Other applications include animal tagging, industry 4.0, and agriculture.

Several animations explain these applications.

Internet of Things

NTAG SmartSensor is one of the smallest edge computing devices – collected data is uploaded into the cloud via the NFC interface. As most smartphones have an NFC interface, data collection and reading are intuitive with dedicated apps on the phone.

NFC Connectivity

Communication between the tag based on an NTAG SmartSensor IC and a smartphone happens through NDEF messaging. With the latest phone OS’es (iOS, Android), full bidirectional communication with a label is possible. Phone APPs have full control and can configure tags or restart the functionality and halt it again.

By using bidirectional communication, it is possible to exchange keys and credentials providing security: one can control the access to logged data or even go further, use mutual authentication between the tag and the cloud server before exchanging data and protect the exchanged data against eavesdroppers.

Temperature Calibration:

NHS3100 and NHS3152 are individually temperature-calibrated in production and ISO/IEC 17025 calibration certificates with NIST traceability are available here.

Temperature Characteristics:

  • Absolute accuracy of 0.3°C in the range of 0 to 40°C
  • Absolute accuracy of 0.5°C in the range of -40 to 0°C and 40 to 85°C

Temperature recalibration is not required for applications that need either accuracy profile.