Plug-and-Trust: The Fast, Easy Way to Deploy Secure IoT Connections

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A71CH Block Diagram

A71CH Block Diagram

A71CH Block Diagram

A71CH Block Diagram


  • Secure, zero-touch connectivity
  • End-to-end security, from chip to edge to cloud
  • Secure credential injection for root of trust at IC level
  • Protected access to credentials
  • Fast design-in with complete product support package
  • Easy to integrate with different MCU and MPU platforms
  • Encrypted/authenticated interface to host processor
  • ECC-based authentication
  • TLS set-up (TLS-PKI, TLS-PSK)
  • Connectionless message authentication (HMAC)
  • Protected storage for product leader secrets with key wrapping and key derivation functions, key locking mechanism
  • Optional trust provisioning by NXP and qualified partners
  • Standard (-25 to +85 °C, A7101) and extended (-40 to +90 °C, A7102) temp ranges
  • HVSON8 (4x4 mm) and WLCSP (2x2 mm) package


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