Automotive Engine Management and Fuel Efficiency Control Absolute Pressure Sensor (40 to 115 kPa)


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FXPS7115D4 Barometric Absolute Pressure (BAP) sensor

FXPS7115D4 Barometric Absolute Pressure (BAP) sensor


Key Features

  • Absolute pressure range: 40 to 115 kPa
  • Operating temperature range: –40 °C to 130 °C
  • Pressure transducer and digital signal processor (DSP)–Redundant pressure transducers– Digital self-test
  • I2C compatible serial interface–Follower mode operation–Standard mode, fast mode, and fast-mode plus support
  • 32-bit SPI compatible serial interface - Sensor data transmission commands
  • 32-bit SPI compatible serial interface for self-test access, user register access and device configuration
  • Capacitance to voltage converter with anti-aliasing filter
  • Sigma delta ADC plus sinc filter


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