OM13058: LPCXpresso Board for LPC11U68



LPCXpresso™ Board for LPC11U68

LPCXpresso™ Board for LPC11U68

LPCXpresso Version 2 Boards

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Kit Contains

  • LPCXpresso™ LPC11U68 Development Board

Get Started


Debugging via the built-in debug probe

Note that you may need to install the Link2 drivers before connecting the board on a Windows platform (available on If you have installed LPCScrypt or are using LPCXpresso 7.8 or later then the drivers will already have been installed.

LPCXpresso IDE

As supplied, (JP1 - no jumper fitted, JP2 – jumper fitted across 1-2, JP3 - no jumper fitted), the built in LPC-Link2 based debug probe works as a plug and play debug probe with the LPCXpresso IDE. The first time you start an LPCXpresso debug session, a compatible debug firmware image is downloaded to the debug probe allowing you the debug the onboard target MCU.

Other toolchains

A number of other debug firmware images are available for the built-in debug probe to enable its use with other toolchains. These images are programmed into the flash memory of the LPC43xx MCU used for the debug probe using LPCScrypt

Images available include:

  • J-Link by Segger
    • For compatibility with development tools that support the J-Link protocol, such as IAR Embedded Workbench, Keil MDK, Rowley CrossWorks, as well as GDB-based tool chains such as emIDE.
    • For compatibility with development tools that support the CMSIS-DAP protocol, such as Keil MDK, IAR Embedded Workbench and the LPCXpresso IDE

CMSIS-DAP for mbed. For use with mbed, this version of firmware includes mass storage boot (for drag and drop loading of firmware to the target), but does not support trace in the LPCXpresso IDE. Please refer to the Mbed site for the latest firmware image.