We are proud of our employees dedication as they are our most valuable asset to NXP’s success. To continue on our journey of success, NXP strives to proactively develop our employees for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Thought Leadership

Together, with our talented employees, we accelerate breakthroughs that help to advance the world.

Investing in R&D

NXP invests approximately 17% of revenue in Research and Development (R&D) every year, primarily focused on the employees who create our intellectual property, products and solutions for our customers.

Building Thought Leaders

We are committed to building thought leaders which is evidenced by nearly 8,900 employees (representing 32% of our workforce) who are specifically dedicated to R&D. Through broad exposure to job-based development activities, we have been able to advance 11% of these employees in 2020 through internal promotions. We hired 1,328 new R&D employees, named 22 technical directors and five new fellows, one of which was our first female fellow.

Recognition and Rewards

Our R&D activities resulted in NXP being awarded more than 1,400 individual patents during 2020.