Team Member Development and Growth

Our Approach: The 70/20/10 Model

  • Learning Through On-The-Job Experience (70%)

    On-the-job learning begins for team members on day one, with orientation, and continues throughout a team member's time at NXP, with regular and ongoing programs for the growth and development, offered at both the local and global level. We work to create developmental opportunities for our team members through challenging stretch assignments, project roles, cross-functional interactions, cross-geography engagements, and both temporary and longer-term job rotations - all of which are used to stimulate core skills, develop leadership competency, provide on-the-job learning experience, and to fuel the career growth of our team members.

  • Learning Through Others (20%)

    We believe great career learning is gained by working with and observing others, mentoring, and continuous feedback. Learning new skill sets from industry experts is both a foundational learning strategy and an opportunity we use at NXP to develop talent. There are many programs our team members can use to build relationships with peers and mentors and to enhance team-member development. We also have a deliberate and continuous feedback process for making sure that learning and improvement is a daily habit.

  • Learning Through Education (10%)

    Coursework is a vital tool, blending internally designed and externally sourced courses and learning resources to provide our team members learning opportunities, in support of key business processes, requirements, and initiatives. We also provide all team members with access to a complete library of on-demand resources for skills development and micro learning. We support continuing educational endeavors by providing tuition-assistance programs in various countries and regions - including China, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States - where we cover a portion of the costs for team members to pursue degrees and/or certifications in approved fields of study.

Global Online Learning

Overview 2021 2022
Training Courses Completed 8,852 9,497
Online Training Hours 89,591 168,229
Average Online Training Hours 3.0 5.1
Average Online Training Hours by Role 2021 2022
IDL 7.0 8.0
DL 0.2 0.6
Average Online Training Hours by Gender 2021 2022
Women 2.2 4.1
Men 3.5 5.7

Our Training and Development Programs

NXP has a wide variety of learning and development programs for our team members across the globe, including new offerings, introduced in 2022, and others to come in 2023.

Examples of our current programs include the following (in alphabetical order):

We also offer a variety of sessions to benefit key audiences. For example:

Our customers are key to what we do. We value collaborating externally as a way of sharing our expertise with our customers and design partners, but also as a development opportunity for our own team members. We host and engage regularly in external training, conferences, and other industry events that help us stay connected with the growth of the industry and ensure our talent maintains cutting-edge and competitive knowledge and skill.

Looking Ahead

In 2023, NXP is excited to launch a global Learning Management System that will enable full distribution of content creation and learning assignments. This will enable NXP to get the right learning to the right people at the right time.