Our talented and innovative team members create breakthrough technologies that make the connected world better, safer and more secure. We do this through a deliberate investment in building thought leadership throughout the company, especially in R&D.

Investing in Research and Development

NXP targets investment of approximately 16% of revenue in non-GAAP* R&D every year, primarily focused on the team members who create our intellectual property, our products, and our customer solutions. NXP’s breakthrough technologies help create a connected world that is better, safer, and more secure – targeting edge devices for the automotive, industrial, smart home, communications, infrastructure and mobile markets.

2023 R&D Team Member Advancements

  • 12%
    R&D Team Members Promoted
  • 71
    Technical Directors Named
  • 8
    Program Directors Named
  • 5
    Program Senior Director Named
  • 9
    Fellows Named
  • 2
    Senior Fellows Named

Developing Thought Leaders

Our commitment to developing thought leaders is evidenced by the around 12,000 team members representing 36% of our NXP workforce and 57% of our indirect labor workforce who are specifically dedicated to R&D. Through broad exposure to job-based development activities, we were able to advance 12% of these team members in 2023 through internal promotions. In addition, we hired more than 1,493 new R&D team members year-to-date and named eight program directors, five program senior directors, 71 technical directors, nine fellows and two senior Fellows.

We continue the in-depth analysis of the current R&D workforce while building toward the strategic R&D workforce of the future based on the updated R&D job structure as introduced last year. As a follow-up to the Strategic Planning Alignment (SPA) of 2022, insights on workforce planning were discussed with the R&D Management Team as part of our longer-term strategy for building future R&D talent.

In 2023, the key focus for developing thought leadership was on creating the framework to build the technical leaders we’ll need for our future and exploring our site strategy for the longer term.

To further develop the technical community, we expanded the NXP Academy, offering a variety of learning opportunities, development programs and specialized training in the areas of architecture and systems engineering, functional safety, design quality, crypto and security, artificial intelligence and ideation.

In 2023, many of our R&D team members participated in an NXP school and other development activities. Here are some examples:

Looking Ahead

NXP anticipates expanding our schools to include the School for System-on-Chip (SoC) Development, as well as continuing its focus on invention and innovation as a key competitive advantage.