Building Thought Leadership

Our talented and innovative team members create breakthrough technologies that make the connected world better, safer, and more secure.

Investing in Research and Development

NXP targets investment of approximately 16% of revenue in non-GAAP* R&D every year, primarily focused on the team members who create our intellectual property, products, and customer solutions. NXP's breakthrough technologies help to create a connected world that is better, safer, and more secure – targeting edge devices for the automotive, industrial, smart home, communications, infrastructure, and mobile markets.

Developing Thought Leaders

2022 R&D Team Member Advancements
14% R&D Team Members Promoted  49 Technical Directors Named 7 Program Directors Named 1 Program Senior Director Named 9 Fellows Named 957 Individual Patents Aawarded

Our commitment to developing thought leaders is evidenced by the more than 10,000 team members (representing 34% of our NXP workforce and 56% of our IDL workforce) who are specifically dedicated to R&D. Through broad exposure to job-based development activities, we were able to advance 14% of these team members in 2022 through internal promotions. In addition, we hired 3,185 new R&D team members, and named 49 technical directors, one program senior director, seven program directors, and nine fellows.

To enable in-depth analysis of the current R&D workforce baseline and support our strategic R&D workforce planning, we updated our R&D job structure with more defined job descriptions and specific skill domains. R&D team members have been transitioned into the new job profiles, providing valuable data on the R&D population and helping us to better assess and develop the skills and capabilities of these team members across NXP. The new insights establish the baseline for internal discussions. For example, R&D Talent 2027 was one of the topics shared during our 2022 Strategic Planning Alignment (SPA) meetings, in which the NXP Management Team discussed strategic plans for the next five years. As a follow up to the SPA, workforce planning insights were discussed with the R&D Management Team for the longer-term strategy of building R&D talent for the future.

To further develop the R&D community, we expanded the NXP R&D Academy, offering a variety of learning opportunities. We have dedicated development programs in the areas of architecture, functional safety, design quality, cryptography, security, artificial intelligence, and ideation.

Project and Program Managers (PMs)

We continue to build momentum with our support for Project and Program Managers (PMs). In Q4 2022, we launched the fifth group for the R&D Project Leadership Program and kicked off the PM Masterclass 1 session in August 2022. Looking ahead to 2023, we will launch additional PM Masterclass 1 sessions and intend to introduce the PM Masterclass 2 session for higher-level team members.

Our process for new product introductions is complex, requiring large investment as well as successful, timely, and efficient completion. Our PM talent is vital to our ability to drive these projects to completion, hence NXP has placed greater focus to further invest in skilled and capable project leaders. For example, the company organized a summit for our key PM leaders, during which we focused on harmonization, the PM role model, community building, and skill building. Our consistent focus on R&D and innovation resulted in NXP being awarded 957 individual patents during 2022.

Looking Ahead

NXP anticipates expanding our schools to include the School for System on a Chip (SoC) Development, as well as continuing its focus on invention and innovation as a key competitive advantage.