NXP’s strong commitment to our new-in-career and internship program is a key contributor to developing the next generation of talent, including engineers, in our industry and our company. In addition to recruiting interns, working students, and new college graduates for engineering roles, the company also hires for general and administrative positions in Finance, Human Resources, Sales, and other areas.


Our internship programs focus on the technical advancement and skills development students need as they prepare to enter the professional workforce. In 2022, we continued to welcome university students to NXP. We granted more than 1,100 internships to university students and converted 39% of our interns into NXP team members.

New College Graduates

Our internship programs build a highly capable and energetic pipeline of new college graduates. In 2022, we were pleased to welcome more than 1,000 IDL new college graduates, an increase over the 644 new college graduates we hired in 2021. These hires represent 23% of our overall IDL hiring activity, in which 35% of new college graduate hires were women and 66% were underrepresented minorities in the US.

University Partnerships and Engagement

2022 Advanced Research Programs and Sponsorships

Our diverse 2022 university funding and support allowed us to support advanced research programs and sponsorships, including the following:

University Ambassador Program

New-in-Career Development Program

Country and Region-Specific Programs for Future Talent

NXP empowers our leaders and teams to create and launch programs that target the individual needs of future talent in a specific country or region.

Our Campus Connect Program in India helps NXP reach out to university faculty and students to share a technical overview of current topics of interest in the semiconductor, electronics, and embedded sectors. The program aims to provide opportunities for academia, through multiple focused tracks of technical webinars, hackathons, and proof-of-concept solutions, to solve current problems and create a partnership between the brightest university talents and experienced industry experts. Ultimately, the program helps pave the way for a seamless transition into their career.

We also have a Virtual Campus Connect Program in EMEA, which is a virtual event aimed at university students and graduates from our tier-one universities in the EMEA region. This initiative gives students and graduates the chance to learn more about NXP's breakthrough innovations, our culture, our values, and our career opportunities.

Similar virtual sessions have been held in China, the UK, and the US, where NXP ambassadors shared company insights with targeted universities, reaching 20,000 students and graduates, and garnering approximately 200 direct applications