NXP’s strong commitment to our internship program is a key contributor to developing the new generation of talent in our industry and company. In addition to recruiting interns and new college graduates for engineering roles, the company also hires for general and administrative positions in finance, human resources and sales.


Our internship programs focus on the students’ technical advancement and skills development that are needed as they prepare to enter the professional workforce. In 2021, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued to welcome university students to NXP through a virtual internship program, allowing us to keep building the talent pipeline despite the global challenges we faced.

In 2021, NXP granted more than 800 internships to university students and converted 40% of our interns into NXP team members.

New College Graduates

Our internship programs build a highly capable and energetic new college graduate pipeline. In 2021, we were pleased to welcome approximately 644 new college graduates, an increase over the 470 new college graduates we hired in 2020.

These hires represent 24% of our overall IDL hiring activity, in which 30% of the new college graduate hires were women.

University Partnerships and Engagement

2021 Advanced Research Programs and Sponsorships

Our 2021 university funding and support was diverse and allowed us to support advanced research programs and sponsorships, including the following:

University Ambassador Program

As we’ve engaged virtually with universities throughout the pandemic, we’ve learned that students seek connections within our company that go beyond the recruiting team.

To facilitate these interactions, NXP created the NXP University Ambassador Program, inviting all team members to help raise awareness at universities to inspire and encourage young professionals to join NXP. As a University Ambassador, team members can connect with potential student hires in a variety of ways, such as speaking at job fairs, hosting guest lectures at universities and engaging with students who are interested in getting hands-on experience through our internship program. In addition, students can reach out directly to our University Ambassadors, through campaigns organized by NXP, to ask about their experience as an NXP team member. There is a direct benefit to those participating and we have found both students and ambassadors to be enriched.

New-in-Career Development Program

At NXP, we believe that the success of our team members who are new in their career significantly drives the future success of our company. The first months of a new job can seem daunting. With this in mind, we developed a global, self-paced program focused on supporting emerging professionals in their transition to the professional world.

The aim of the New-in-Career Development Program is to provide our team members who are new in their career with the necessary knowledge and tools to understand more about NXP, our strategy, culture and values. In addition, team members receive guidance on developing the professional skills they will need in order to successfully drive their development and reach their career goals.

Customized Country-Specific Programs

NXP empowers our leaders and teams to create and launch programs that target the individual and specific needs of future talent in a specific country or region.

Our Campus Connect Program allows NXP to reach out to university faculty and students to share a technical overview of current topics of interest in the semiconductor, electronics and embedded system design sector (hardware/software). The program aims to provide opportunities for academia, through multiple focused tracks of technical webinars, hackathons and proof-of-concept solutions, to solve current problems and create a partnership between the brightest talents at college and experienced industry experts. Ultimately, the program helps pave the way forward for a seamless transition into their career.