Engaging Team Members Through Surveys

To assess and improve team-member engagement, we regularly conduct our global Winning Culture Survey. We invite NXP team members to share their feedback on a variety of factors, including engagement, strategy, culture, leadership, innovation, growth, continuous improvement, collaboration, ownership, work environment, ethics, sustainability and diversity, equality and inclusion. Surveys are administered by a third party to ensure confidentiality.

In our 2023 survey, we solicited input from all NXP team members. Ninety percent of team members participated in the survey with ethics, collaboration, engagement and DE&I being the four categories with the highest favorability ratings. The survey results showed an increase in team-member engagement, with 70% of our team members being highly engaged. The results show NXP’s commitment to shape the organization’s culture through our values, with 89% believing that NXP is a great place to work.

Lastly, when it comes to sustainability, NXP achieved a 89% overall favorability which speaks to the company’s focus on environmental sustainability, social responsibility and community contributions.

Response Rate 90%
Engagement 88%
Great Place to Work 89%
Proud 91%
Valued 85%

Year-over-year, NXP saw improvements in more than 50% of the survey items. The third-party administrator of the survey reported that 85% of the survey items scored more positively than the 75th percentile benchmark, composed of companies operating in the technology sector.

Engaging Team Members in Events


NXP believes that learning, developing and growing is vital for personal fulfilment and success—individually and as a company.

In 2023, the company launched its first-ever Growth Week, a testament to our commitment to fostering an innovation and growth culture. The global event promoted high-energy engagement through external keynote speakers, panel discussions, webinars and in-person workshops. During this event, 17,000 team members participated in the 11 global virtual sessions, while 7,700 team members participated in 170 face-to-face sessions along with approximately 27% site participation.


Growth Week is just one example of how team members are engaged in site, country-specific and global events throughout the year to promote collaboration and engagement.

External Awards and Recognition

NXP is honored to have received external awards and recognition for our commitment to the development of human capital in 2023. Some of the honors received include:

Looking Ahead

NXP remains committed to actively listening to team-member feedback. We will continue to provide ways for our team members to share input on their experiences and ideas on how we improve engagement.