Global Voluntary Turnover

Voluntary turnover varies by country and our turnover rate remains below the competitive benchmark in each country where we have team members. The 2023 turnover rate was an all-time low of 6.5%.

Initiatives and Programs

We continue to drive programs centered around retention actions for strategic roles and top-performing talent, as well as programs targeting all team members, including the following:

Global Flexible Work Arrangements

We incorporate flexibility into our work style by allowing qualified team members to work onsite and remotely. Participating team members follow a defined process for their respective country. This way of working offers a positive benefit to team members, while still supporting our collaborative style, and allows for constructive and meaningful social interactions.

Continuous Focus on Well-Being

We continue to support the physical, mental, financial, and overall well-being of our team members realizing that team members’ well-being is crucial to our overall effectiveness as a company. Each country has well-being embedded into its internal communications, team-building activities, and local celebrations. In 2023, we continued global Recharge Days, which encourage NXP team members to take time off or enjoy no meetings in the days surrounding select company holidays and local celebrations. In 2023, these days coincided with regional holidays, allowing for seven coordinated opportunities for team members to rest, recharge and refocus. We also offer benefits programs throughout the world that are aimed at physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

Consistent Communications and Business Updates

This includes quarterly town-hall meetings, small group sessions between NXP team members and leaders and regular well-being check-ins led by NXP managers to ensure team members are thriving.

Looking Ahead

NXP will continue to focus on team-member well-being and on offering rewards programs that are designed to retain team members.