Config Tools for i.MX Applications Processors


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Pins Tool

  • Muxing and pin configuration with consistency checking, output is documented and easy to understand source code
  • Mostly connected: On-Demand device data download
  • Integrates with any compiler and IDE
  • Easy-to-use device configuration with graphical processor package view
  • CSV report and device tree file

DDR Tool

  • Support for i.MX 8M and i.MX93 families
  • Configuration: Simplified UI for device configuration
  • Advanced board configuration options
  • Stressing: Stress tests with overnight option
  • Optimization: Sweep ODT configuration and optimization of Vref for DQ and CA
  • Virtual Timing Signal Analysis (vTSA) support: RX and TX data eye, CA BUS signals margin and CA Eye test for LPDDR4 DRAM
  • Generation of C code for U-boot SPL driver

Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

  • Configures protection and isolation of sensitive parts of the application

Support Policy

  • Online help and documentation

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