LVGL Open-Source Graphics Library


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  • GUI Guider from NXP for easily developing LVGL-based graphical user interfaces
  • Support for advanced graphics with animations, anti-aliasing, opacity and smooth scrolling
  • Wide range of built in, customizable widgets (buttons, charts, lists, etc.)
  • Multi-display support and various input devices
  • Multi-language support with UTF-8 encoding
  • Simulator to start embedded GUI design on a PC without embedded hardware
  • RTOS, external memory and GPU supported but not required
  • Scalable to operate with little memory

Supported Devices

Boards supported by MCUXpresso SDK

LVGL is included as an optional software component in the MCUXpresso SDK. NXP recommends that this library be downloaded using the MCUXpresso SDK Builder for new designs with any of the following platforms:

For all other General Purpose and Crossover MCUs, download the standalone LVGL graphics library.


* These NXP development boards have been officially certified by LVGL LLC. For more information, please visit their website.


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  • BSP, Drivers and Middleware

    MCUXpresso SDK - SDK Builder

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