Evaluation Kit - MC17XS6500, Penta High Side Switch


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Evaluation module features

  • This evaluation board consists of an MC17XS6500 IC in a 32-pin SOICW-EP with exposed pads
  • This board can control
    • Five separate 28 W bulbs
    • Five separate LED modules
    • Five separate loads of other types
  • Device can be driven by the 16-bit SPI using KITUSBSPI with SPIGen software or with direct input signals in Fail-safe mode operation. It also offers the possibility to apply an external clock in order to drive outputs in PWM operation

MC17XS6500 features

  • Penta 17 mOhm high side switches with high transient current capability
  • 16-bit 5.0 MHz SPI control of overcurrent profiles, channel control including PWM duty cycles, output-ON and -OFF OpenLoad detections, thermal shutdown and prewarning, and fault reporting
  • Output current monitoring with programmable synchronization signal and battery voltage feedback
  • Limp Home mode
  • External smart power switch control
  • Operating voltage is 7.0 to 18 V with sleep current < 5.0 µA, extended mode from 6.0 to 28 V
  • -16 V reverse polarity and ground disconnect protections
  • Compatible PCB foot print and SPI software driver among the family

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  • KIT17XS6500EVB

  • Evaluation Kit - MC07XS6500, Penta 17 mOhm High Side Switch.

  • $97.98 USD
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    Gerber files for the KIT17XS6500EVB Evaluation boards


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    12XS6 SPIGEN Configuration File

  • Components and Modules

    KIT07XS6517 SPIGEN Configuration File

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