Industrial Multipurpose 32 V SPI-Controlled Smart Switch

Block Diagram

32XSG : 32V Smart High Side Power Switches

32XSG : 32V smart high side power switches - Block Diagram


Key Features

  • Operating voltage range of 7.0 V to 30 V with extended mode from 6.0 V to 32 V with low standby current
  • 5.0 MHz 16-bit SPI control of overcurrent profiles, channel control including 8-bit PWM duty-cycles, output-ON and -OFF OpenLoad detections, thermal shutdown and prewarning, and fault reporting
  • Programmable overcurrent trip levels
  • Enhance output current sense with programmable synchronization signal and battery voltage feedback
  • Watchdog and Limp Home mode
  • External smart power switch control
  • Load current(IL) 11, 5.5 A (Typ)
  • Load current(IL) 18, 9 A (Max)
  • 2, 3, 5 number of channels
  • Load supply voltage min. 6 V, max. 32 V

Part numbers include: MC07XSG517DEK, MC07XSG517EK, MC17XSG500BEK, MC17XSG500DEK.

Comparison Table

32XSG Family Comparison

Product Datasheet RDSon (mOhm) Package Suggested tool
MC07XSG517 Datasheet 3 x 7.0
2 x 17.0
SOIC EP 54 -
MC17XSG500 Datasheet 5 x 17.0 SOIC EP 32 FRDM-32XSG-EVB


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