16-Output Switch with SPI and PWM Control

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Block Diagram

MC33999 Low Side Switch Block Diagram

NXP<sup>&#174;</sup> MC33999 Low Side Switch Block Diagram


System Features

  • RDS(ON) @ 25 °C 0.55 Ohm
  • Operating Voltage, VPWR 5 V – 27 V
  • Operating Voltage, SOPWR 3.1 V – 5.5 V
  • Outputs current limited (0.9 A) and voltage clamped (50 V) for switching incandescent and inductive loads
  • Output independent over temperature shutdown
  •  Programmed PWM of any combination of outputs plus parallel input control of eight outputs
  • Output ON short-to-VBAT and OFF short-to-ground/open detection
  • OFF open load detection current can be disabled for sensitive LED applications
  • SPI diagnostic reporting
  • Load current(IL) 0.35 A (Typ)
  • 16 Channels
  • Drain-to-Source on resistance 550000 mOhm RDS(ON) (Typ)
  • Load supply voltage 0 V (Min), 40 V (Max)

Part numbers include: MCZ33999EK.


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