8-bit 5V Cost-effective MCU with EEPROM

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Memory Combination

  • Increased flash/RAM ratio (4 KB RAM in PT60)
  • On-chip EEPROM with 500K~1M write/erase cycle

Robust GPIO

  • Up to 57 GPIO with filtering in 64-pin
  • Two pins with true open drain

16-ch., 10-bit SAR ADC

  • Linear successive approximation algorithm with up to 10-bit resolution
  • Up to 16-ch. single-ended external analog inputs
  • 10-bit, and 8-bit modes, eight-deep result FIFO
  • Single or continuous conversion (automatic return to idle after single conversion)

Feature-Rich Integration

  • 6-ch. + 2-ch. + 2-ch. FlexTimer: 1 x MTIM
  • Real-time counter
  • 3 x SCI
  • Enhanced watchdog and programmable CRC
  • High accuracy internal clock


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