KW40Z: Kinetis® KW40Z-2.4 GHz Dual Mode: BLE and 802.15.4 Wireless Radio Microcontroller (MCU) based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ Core



Kinetis® W Series KW40Z MCUs Block Diagram

Kinetis<sup>&#174;</sup> W Series KW40Z MCUs Block Diagram

Kinetis® KW40Z Bluetooth® Low Energy Bike Computer Demo


Kinetis® KW40Z Bluetooth® Smart Mesh Fire Truck Demo


Comparison Table

Kinetis KW40Z Family Recommended Solutions

Part Number Wireless Connectivity Protocol Package Size Hardware Development Tool
MKW40Z160VHT4 Bluetooth Low Energy and IEEE 802.15.4 7 mm x 7 mm x 1 mm 48-pin Laminate QFN

MKW30Z160VHM4 Bluetooth Low Energy 5 mm x 5 mm x 1 mm 32-pin Laminate QFN
MKW20Z160VHT4 IEEE 802.15.4 7 mm x 7 mm x 1 mm 48-pin Laminate QFN

Available Software Development Kits

Kinetis® SDK – Comprehensive software support for Kinetis MCUs including peripheral drivers, stacks and middleware.

HomeKit SDK for Kinetis MCUs - Full HomeKit support for home automation applications lets you communicate with and control connected accessories in a home environment.

Protocol Stacks

Connectivity Software

Kinetis Connectivity Software Version 1.0.1 includes the following components:

  • KW40Z Bluetooth® low energy v4.2 stack, v1.1.4
  • KW40Z IEEE® 802.15.4-2006/2011 MAC/PHY implementation v5.2.4
  • KW40Z Simple Media Access Controller (SMAC) v3.2.4
  • KW40Z-enabled Connectivity Framework

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