LPC1549 LPCXpresso Motor Control Kit (BLDC)

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  • LPC1549 Arm Cortex-M3-based microcontroller


  • 256 kB of flash memory, 32 kB of ROM, 4 kB EEPROM, and up to 36 kB of SRAM I2C-E2PROM


  • SWD/JTAG connector
  • 2.1 mm input jack, or via screw terminals

Power Management

  • Voltage measurement (on three phases and virtual ground)
  • Current measurement (on three phases and common low-side)
  • Input current measurement, including over-current trip
  • 12 - 30 V input voltage, 17 A max. current (max. 300 W output)
  • On-board 15 W power supply (+11 V, +5 V, +3.3 V)
  • 12 - 30 V, 17 A max


  • USB interface (must be supported by controlled MCU)
  • Ethernet interface (must be supported by controlled MCU)
  • CAN interface (must be supported by controlled MCU)
  • RS422/485 interface
  • UART-to-USB interface


  • Hall and QEI sensor inputs, connected via screw terminals
  • Temperature sensor


  • 96 x 64 pixel OLED
  • Socket for LPC1xxx in PLCC44
  • Expansion connector for control by LPC1800/LPC4000/LPC2900 families, or other 4 phases (based on NXP® PSMN2R6-40YS N-channel MOSFET), accessed via screw terminals
  • Phase control support 100 % duty cycle
  • Break functionality

User Components

  • 5-key joystick switch
  • Reset pushbutton

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  • OM13068

  • LPC1549 LPCXpresso Motor Control Kit (BLDC).

  • $350.00 USD
  • For a quantity of 1


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    LPCXpresso Motor Control Board schematic file


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