Crypto Coprocessor

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Block Diagram


C29x crypto coprocessor Block Diagram


  • Up to 32k of RSA 2048-bit private key performance (C293)
  • Up to 12Gbps AES-HMAC-SHA-1 bulk encryption (system throughput)
  • Power as low as five watts (C291)
  • Support of dual use cases (click on block diagram image to scroll through use case diagrams):
    • Public key offload – no external memory required
    • Secure key management – act as offload accelerator or stand alone
  • NXP® trust architecture:
    • Secure boot
    • Tamper detection
    • Optional battery backed secret key
  • Development System
    • C29x PCI Express (PCIe) Adapter Platform

Part numbers include: C291NSE7FHA, C292NSE7KLA, C293NSE7MMA.


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