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Configurable Blocks for Peripheral Low Level Drivers

  • Queued analog-to-digital conversion block with trigger function—single and continuous scan modes.
  • eMIOS block, one per channel with mode-based driver functions and trigger functions.
  • Serial communication interface block
  • eTPU interface blocks for registered eTPU API functions.
  • CAN interface block along with CAN packing and unpacking blocks
  • Full buffer initialization support transmit at thread rate
  • Receive using IRQ function
  • Interface for digital I/O with pin conflict checks.
  • The peripheral blocks seamlessly leverage the interrupt and DMA capabilities of the processor.

Target Optimized Blocks that Leverage SIMD

  • Fast fourier transform (FFT) block
  • Infinite impulse response (IIR) filter block
  • Finite impulse response (FIR) filter block
  • These blocks are simulatable and you chose—C code or assembly

Embedded Targets

  • Support for DIAB, GHS and NXP compilers.
  • Generic scheduler target with multi-rate, synch./asynch. task support.
  • OSEK target: NXP OSEK turbo
  • Built-in consistency checks between target and models

On-target Profiling Support

  • Function profiling
  • Task profiling data communicated back over SCI

Support Policy

  • Email Support :RAppID@freescale.com
  • Email and Phone Support provided to customer purchasing the tool.

Supported Devices

  • MPC5554: 32-bit MCU for Powertrain Applications

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