DINK32 Debug Monitor

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Software Details


  • Modification and display of general purpose, floating point, AltiVec®™, and special purpose Registers
  • Assembly and disassembly of Power Architecture instructions for modification and display of code
  • Modification, display, and movement of system memory
  • A simplified breakpoint command that allows setting, display, and removal of breakpoints
  • Single-step trace and continued execution from a specified address
  • Automatic decompression of compressed s-record files while downloading

Supported Devices

  • MPC106: PCI Bridge/Memory Controller
  • MPC107: PCI Bridge/Memory Controller
  • MPC755: MPC755 and MPC745 Host Processors
  • P4080: QorIQ® P4080/P4040/P4081 Multicore Communications Processors


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