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Block Diagram

MPC7410 Block Diagram

 MPC7410 Block Diagram


  • Two integer units and Double-precision floating-point unit
  • Vector permute unit
  • Vector arithmetic logic unit
  • Load/store unit and System unit
  • Branch processing unit
  • Meets the computational demands of networking infrastructure such as echo cancellation equipment, and basestation processing.
  • Enables faster, more secure encryption methods optimized for the SIMD processing model.
  • Provides compelling performance for multimedia-oriented desktop computers, desktop publishing, and digital video processing.
  • Enables real-time processing of the most demanding data streams (MPEG®-2 encode, continuous speech recognition, real-time high-resolution 3D memory for additional caching bus leaders, such as DMA devices.)

Part numbers include: MC7410TVU400LE, MC7410VU400LE, MPC7410VS500LE.


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