MMIC Wideband Amplifier

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Product Details


  • Internally matched to 50 Ω
  • A gain of 20 dB at 250 MHz increasing to 20.6 dB at 2150 MHz
  • Output power at 1 dB gain compression = ‑1 dBm
  • Supply current = 10.5 mA at a supply voltage of 3.3 V
  • Reverse isolation > 30 dB up to 2 GHz
  • Good linearity with low second order and third order products
  • Noise figure = 4 dB at 950 MHz
  • Unconditionally stable (K > 1)

Target Applications

  • LNB IF amplifiers
  • General purpose low noise wideband amplifier for frequencies between DC and 2.2 GHz

Part numbers include: BGA2800, BGA2801, BGA2802, BGA2803, BGA2815, BGA2817, BGA2818, BGA2851, BGA2866, BGA2867, BGA2869, BGA2870, BGA2874, OM17013, OM17014, OM17015, OM17016, OM7634, OM7635, OM7636, OM7640, OM7641, OM7642, OM7643, OM7644, OM7645, OM7680, OM7681, OM7682, OM7683.

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