±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g, Low Power 12-Bit Digital Accelerometer

FXLS8961AF new

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Block Diagram


FXLS8971CF Block Diagram


Full Scale Range

  • ±2 g / ±4 g / ±8 g / ±16 g


  • 12 bit

Compact Package

  • 3 mm x 3 mm x 1.25 mm package
  • 12-pin QFN 0.65 mm pitch and wettable flanks


  • ≤ 1 μA IDD for ODRs up to 6.25 Hz
  • < 4 μA IDD for ODRs up to 50 Hz

Ultra-Low Power Wake Up

  • Dedicated ultra-low-power motion-detection mode with a single wire interface option

Optimized Temperature Performance

  • Post-board mount zero-g offset and TCO performance of ±30 mg (typ) and ±0.25 mg/°C (typ), respectively

Selectable Output Data Rate

  • 0.78 Hz to 3200 Hz

Communication Interface

  • I2C up to 1 MHz and SPI up to 4 MHz

Configurable Inertial Event Detection

  • Flexible sensor data change detection (SDCD) function for motion or no motion, high-g/low-g, freefall, and other inertial events.
  • Vector magnitude
  • Orientation (landscape, portrait, up, down)
  • FIFO/LIFO (144 bytes)
  • Auto-wake sleep for power savings

Self-Test Diagnostic

  • Bidirectional, robust self-test diagnostic
  • Device motion or orientation does not impact the result

Part numbers include: FXLS8961AF.


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