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  • 88W300/302 SoC support and Peripheral Drivers
  • FreeRTOS Operating system
  • LwIP Embedded TCP/IP Networking stack supporting TCP/IP v4/IPv6 networking with BSD-socket API’s
  • OS and networking abstraction layer allowing alternate RTOS and TCP/IP stack usage
  • A complete Wi-Fi® driver and stack supporting Wi-Fi® client mode (802.11 b/g/n depending on the chipset), Wi-Fi® Micro-AP mode (supporting 5-10 clients depending on the chipset used), Simultaneous AP/Client mode, Antenna Diversity, WPA-2 PSK security, WPA-2 Enterprise security with EAP-TLS, WPS, and Wi-Fi® Direct (P2P), Wake-on-WLAN, and full Wi-Fi® power-management
  • Power Management Framework simplifying development of low-power applications
  • Overlay manager to enable more efficient memory usage
  • Flash storage API, Persistent Storage Manager to store key-value pairs, Read-only file system to serve web-apps, and Flash partition manager to enable flexible partitioning of flash supporting application-specific use-cases
  • Advanced networking middleware including DHCP server, HTTP client, HTTP server, Bonjour (mDNS/DNS-SD) responder and querier, and Web-sockets
  • Cryptography Library, AES and CRC, and TLS/SSL Library supporting TLS v1.2 (client and server mode)
  • JSON and XML parsers
  • Provisioning Framework to sample provisioning applications on Android and iOS to support simple setup of Wi-Fi® devices using Mirco-AP mode with web-server, or using Sniffer mode
  • Apple’s Wireless Accessory Configuration feature using Apple-licensed MFi technology for simplified out-of-the box setup of Wi-Fi® devices
  • application framework to simplify application development
  • Debugging and Development support including serial-console, command-line shell, and support for obtaining information system information like threads, sockets, heap usage, etc
  • Over-the-air (OTA) Firmware upgrade support
  • Easy command line Make based build system using GNU Arm® Toolchain
  • Support for IAR to develop applications
  • OpenOCD support for JTAG operations including flashing, loading code into RAM, flashing etc
  • Flash programming tools over JTAG and Serial
  • Support for Linux, Windows (Cygwin) and MacOS as host-development platforms
  • Support for Eclipse IDE with CDT including JTAG based debugging with integrated Eclipse debugger and GDB
  • Sample applications illustrating usage model for different features and API’s
  • Complete production-ready reference applications
  • Support for Wi-Fi® testing, and applications to test in manufacturing and certifications
  • User-guide and complete reference documentation
  • Serial-to-Wi-Fi® Firmware application that can be used as-is, or customized as appropriate
  • Integrated support for a growing number of Cloud partners
  • Support built in SEGGER JFLASH for production

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