Corporate Values and Team Member Engagement

Engaging Team Members Through Surveys

To assess and improve team member engagement, NXP regularly conducts our global Winning Culture Survey. We invite NXP team members to share their level of agreement on a variety of factors, including engagement, strategy, culture, leadership, continuous improvement, collaboration, execution, accountability, work environment and support. Surveys are administered by a third party to ensure confidentiality.

With a response rate of 90%, the results of our end of 2020 survey tell us that our team members are engaged, feel pride in the company and believe that NXP is a great place to work:

Engagement 84%
Collaboration 90%
Recommend NXP as a great place to work 82%
Valued as an NXP team member 81%
Pride in working at NXP 89%

Insights from our survey equip us to improve the team member experience and work on our policies and processes. We’ve converted some team member feedback into company and/or country-specific programs and made updates to our tools and resources. This includes:

  • Focusing on the Well-Being of Our Team Members

    To ensure consistent support for the physical, mental and overall well-being of our team members, we introduced a focused initiative across the globe. Each month of the year was defined by a well-being theme that was further explained and demonstrated through internal communications, team-building activities and in-country celebrations. Results from a mid-year well-being poll showed that most team members found NXP’s focus on well-being to be “just right” and requested more coverage on topics like health/wellness and general work/life balance.

  • Introducing Global Flexible Work Arrangements

    To help team members achieve greater work/life balance and offer support, we incorporated flexibility into our way of working by allowing qualified team members to work a combination of onsite and from home. To participate, team members follow a defined process for their respective country and job function. This new way of working offers a positive benefit to our teams, while still supporting our collaborative style and allowing for constructive and meaningful social interactions.

In February 2022, we launched the 2022 Winning Culture Survey. The survey invites input from our indirect labor (IDL) population and introduces a new category focused on diversity, equality and inclusion to support our goal of creating a more inclusive environment and furthering a sense of belonging at NXP. We look forward to continued strong participation, as evidenced with our end of 2020 survey (where all-team member participation was 90%) and fall 2019 (where IDL participation was 83%).

After a thorough review of the 2022 results, the CEO, CHRO and members of the management team will determine the top priority focus area(s) for NXP. Each level of management in the organization will identify and act upon specific plans based on survey feedback and dialogue with their team members. Results and actions from the 2022 Winning Culture Survey will be discussed with the Board of Directors in June 2022.

External Awards and Recognition

NXP is honored to have received external awards and recognition for our commitment to human capital development. Some of the honors received include: