At NXP, we support our communities with our time and resources. We are committed to being a leader in corporate citizenship by making Community Impact Grants available to qualifying organizations that support our focus areas and meet the established criteria.

Grant Criteria

Applications are accepted from qualifying non-profit organizations / charities in communities where we have a significant presence and where our team members live and work in the U.S., Canada, Brazil and Mexico.

All organizations requesting grants must demonstrate solid financial and program management and share financial and program audit reports upon request.

Organizations Not Eligible for Support

  • Churches
  • For-profit organizations
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Individual K–12 Schools
  • Individuals
  • Political organizations

Grant Submission Deadlines

The Community Engagement Council reviews applications twice a year:

  • December 31st deadline, for consideration in January
  • June 30th deadline, for consideration in July

Grant notifications are typically sent no more than one month after grant submission deadlines.