2023 Health and Safety Performance Snapshot

  • Maintained a Low Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) of 0.10
  • ISO 45001 Management System Certified
  • Oak Hill Site Achieved Super Star Among Stars Recognition Level in OSHA VPP


We are committed to maintaining an EHS culture that fosters a healthy and productive work environment. "Health" encompasses medical and physical well-being, as well as emotional and mental wellness.

Health Programs


All our manufacturing sites employ occupational-health specialists and most have onsite clinics. Most of our non-manufacturing sites employ occupational-health specialists as well. We contract doctors at certain locations for job-related medical services for our team members. NXP has a global focus on reducing work-related ergonomics injuries and strains, allowing for a more ergo-friendly work environment. We offer comprehensive health-insurance plans and many of our sites organize annual physicals and preventative health screenings, including flu shots.


Several of our global sites offer subsidized gym-membership plans, access to fitness classes and/or onsite fitness facilities. In addition to physical fitness, we offer programs and guidance on nutrition, weight loss and avoiding unhealthy habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol and drug use.


Team members are offered resources and assistance programs to source and/or consult with specialists for mental well-being and help in dealing with major life events. In addition, our Human Resources team members are available to help address other workplace concerns. NXP also offers a variety of internal and external online resources addressing various life events.


All our manufacturing sites have Health and Safety experts who specialize in supervising protective measures and creating safe and ergonomically friendly workplaces. All areas of the workplace are incorporated, including areas of production, offices, labs and other technical areas.

Our proactive safety initiatives include:

  • Employee Emergency Response Teams that perform regular training and drills
  • Active participation of non-management team members in site-level safety committees/councils
  • Multiple grievance mechanisms available to team members that enable anyone to report safety concerns directly or anonymously to management
  • 'Stop-work' authority, which lets any team member intervene when they believe an activity or a behavior may pose an imminent danger
  • Unannounced safety walkthroughs, performed by trained managers, to identify potential issues and recognize positive actions that contribute to our EHS culture
  • Incident analysis, including near-misses, first aid and high-potential events to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Prevention measures and safety practices adapted to suit different situations


In 2023, there were no incidents that resulted in fines or sanctions in connection with noncompliance of Health and Safety laws or regulations. There were no fatal work-related accidents for our workers or contractors.