2023 Water Performance Snapshot

Our global water strategy includes a focus on conservation, recycling and high standards for wastewater treatment and discharge.

  • 51%
    of Water Recycled

Water Use

Our sustainability programs place a high priority on water conservation including improving tool efficiency and increasing water recycling opportunities.

Water Withdrawal

Semiconductor manufacturing, especially wafer fabrication, is a water-intensive process. To reduce the amount of incoming water we consume, we focus on a mid-term goal of increasing our water recycling rate to 60% by 2027.

Our decade-long focus on water conservation, has emphasized the use of more efficient tools, taking advantage of opportunities to increase water recycling and finding ways to optimize processes.

Recycled Water

Since 2014, our percentage of water recycling has increased by 15 percentage points, and 2 percentage points compared to 2022. As of year-end 2023, we recycle 51% of our water and have created a task force to identify new opportunities for water recycling, so we can achieve our 2027 goal of 60% recycled water.


We are committed to returning water to the environment that is as clean as, or cleaner than, what we sourced. We employ onsite water-treatment facilities to treat wastewater outflows and ensure any chemical constituents from our wastewater that could potentially impact the environment are avoided. Our Facility Teams continuously monitor and test our water, as required by local authorities, and aim to discharge wastewater that is cleaner than what local regulations require.

Note: NXP did not receive any excursions, fines or penalties in 2023 related to wastewater discharge.

Wastewater Discharge Unit 2022 2023
Total Wastewater Discharge m3 8,753,231 8,896,447