QorIQ® Arm® and Power Architecture® Functional Simulation


QorIQ Arm and Power Architecture Functional Simulation

QorIQ Arm and Power Architecture Functional Simulation


  • Modular C++ Design with Support for TLM2.0 Interoperability
  • Functional simulator only, build for speed
  • Accuracy added via TLM2 modeling style abstractions
  • Support for co-simulation with SystemC models
  • Quantum based simulator(s), threaded and ready for multicore
  • Flexible I/O support via TLM and socket based interface
  • Flexible integration points
  • Rich peripheral library
  • CPU library: e500mc, e5500, e6500, e200, StarCore®, Arm®v7 and Arm®v8
  • Representative use cases would be:
    • Software Migration: Create custom or hybrid SoC models to assist software migration
    • Software Fault Tolerance: Utilize these simulators to inject errors to test software fault tolerance
    • Co-simulation: Utilize these simulators with Verilog or VHDL models of custom logic prior to committing to expensive hardware realization
    • Critical path performance analysis: easily add in timing information as necessary to check highly critical timing parameters
    • Custom Probe Points: Use custom SoC internal probe points to produce custom trace or custom measurements and metrics
    • Advanced Software Development: Software development where hardware platforms are scarce or expensive as well as pre-silicon simulation

Supported Devices

  • B4860: QorIQ® B4860 Baseband Processor
  • LS1043A: Layerscape® 1043A and 1023A Processors
  • P3041: QorIQ® P3041 Quad-Core Communications Processors
  • P4080: QorIQ® P4080/P4040/P4081 Multicore Communications Processors
  • P5040: QorIQ® P5040/5021 64-bit Dual- and Quad-Core Communications Processors
  • T1024: QorIQ® T1024/14 and T1023/13 Dual- and Single-Core Communications Processors
  • T1042: QorIQ® T1042 and T1022 Multicore Communications Processors
  • T2080: QorIQ® T2080 and T2081 Multicore Communications Processors
  • T4240: QorIQ® T4240/T4160/T4080 Multicore Communications Processors
  • P5020: QorIQ® P5020 and P5010 64-bit Dual- and Single-Core Communications Processors
  • B4420: QorIQ® Qonverge B4420 Baseband Processor

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